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About Me

Welcome to the website! My name is Shawn Wilson and I am a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology. I am currently completing my pre-doctoral internship in Austin, TX working with juveniles involved with the court system. I also have experience working at community mental health centers, a hospital, and a private school. Clinically, I focus on working with children, adolescents, and parents/caregivers but have also worked with adults of various ages. I am expecting to receive my Ph.D. in August 2017 (assuming I survive this final half a year of internship).


I created this website to serve mostly as a place to write about important things that I have learned from my studies and clinical work that I think could help other people. I have received amazing training from some incredibly talented and smart individuals and it is my hope to pass along some of that knowledge to you all. I strive to present information, based on research, in a helpful and approachable way. I really appreciate you taking the time to read what this website has to offer.

A little more about me personally, I am a Canadian transplant who has lived in Ontario, southern California, Vancouver BC, Chicago, upstate New York, and now Austin. I live with my partner and our (fat) cat Sage. We have been enjoying the great food and amazing sunny weather that the city has to offer. Avid TV show binger, movie watcher, computer game player, book reader, and board game enthusiast. Love to cook and take walks around the neighborhood.

NOTE: Please be advised that the knowledge and suggestions offered here are not meant to replace psychological treatment. In addition, I must be clear that there does not exist any clinical relationship between me and any readers of the site.