Problem Solving Worksheet 1 – Problem Solving Steps

Problem Solving Steps worksheet

Problem solving is a surprisingly hard skill to learn. Often when we are trying to solve a problem, we think about it for a few seconds and pick the first thing that comes to mind. Unfortunately, this is not a great strategy for challenging or important problems. Learning proper problem solving steps can help you…

Goal Setting Handout 1 – SMART Goals

smart goals handout

You probably have heard the term SMART goals before, but what does it mean? This handout is a handy reference while you are setting personal goals to make sure they are SMART. S stands for Specific. We want to be as specific as possible when setting our goals. This sets the stage to help make…

Mood Monitoring Worksheet 1 – Basic Emotion Tracking

mood monitoring worksheet

Often it can feel like our emotions come out of nowhere. However, usually we can tie our emotions and mood to different events and behaviors. This Mood Monitoring worksheet is the first in a series that looks at how our emotions are related to what happens around us. The first worksheet is relatively straightforward and…

Values Worksheet 7 – Values By Domain

There are lots of areas of our lives, including family, friends, work, our community, and more. While we may have broad, overreaching values that impact most areas of our lives, we can also have values that are specific to these life areas. Values worksheet 7 helps us examine our values in these different domain areas….

Values Worksheet 6 – Discovering Your Values

values worksheet

If it’s hard for you to figure out what exactly your top values are, you are not alone. We are often trying to prioritize so many different things all at once. However, by figuring out our priorities and values, we can make sure our lives are leading us to a path of happiness. This free…

Values Handout 1 – Comprehensive List of Values

values handout

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out exactly what our top values are. This self-help handout provides you with a list of over 160 values. While this list does not include every possible value, as there are potentially hundreds of values, it does provide a more comprehensive list of values than can be found elsewhere. This…

Values Worksheet 5 – Cultural Values

Values Worksheet 5 Page 1

We are greatly influenced by what we grow up around. This is not to say we always agree with the beliefs of those around us, but they impact us nonetheless. This free two-page worksheet has us examine different cultural groups that may have impacted our personal values. Often when we think of culture, we are…

Values Worksheet 4 – Inconsistent Behavior Next Steps

Values Worksheet 4

We all have values, or beliefs that are important to us. However, this doesn’t always mean that we act in ways consistent with our values. Think of someone who values Health, but hasn’t been to the gym for a while. Or perhaps a person values Friendship, yet hasn’t made time for his/her friends recently. Once…

Values Worksheet 3 – Consistent and Inconsistent Behavior

values worksheet

Values provide us with important information about what is important to our lives. However, it is also critical that we look at how our behavior lines up with our values. Usually, there are some ways that we are acting consistent with our values. In addition, there are often ways that we are behaving which are…

Values Worksheet 2 – Values Meaning and Importance

values worksheet 2

For the second Values worksheet, we drill down on the top three values you picked in the first worksheet. Specifically, Worksheet 2 asks you to really consider and clarify what is important to you and why. By completing this exercise, you should have a deeper understanding of your priorities at this time in your life….