Goal Setting Worksheet 1 – Taking the First Step

It’s very normal for people to set large goals for themselves that they don’t end up completing. New Year’s Resolutions are one prime example. There are many reasons that people don’t achieve their large goals, including the goals not being concrete or realistic. However, sometimes the goals just seem to overwhelming to start, because we focus only on the finish line.

This goal setting worksheet helps you take your larger, overall goal and break it down into manageable pieces. As you start to make progress on your goals by tackling these smaller goals, you will find that your confidence increases and you will be even more able and ready to tackle your goal.

Just remember, setbacks in achieving your goals is completely normal. Try not to get discouraged, dust yourself off, and try again. Even if you have to start from the first step again, you will usually find that you will make progress faster the second time around. A great example of this is cigarette smoking; it often takes several ‘failed’ attempts before someone successfully quits. For this reason, these ‘failures’ should really be seen as practice runs that help you stick the landing and eventually achieve your goal.

You can access a pdf version of this goal setting worksheet by clicking the image above or the link below: