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The Top Counter-Intuitive Psychology Findings

One common criticism of psychology is that all of the findings are intuitive and common sense. A lot of studies are conducted and when the findings are presented the reaction can be "Yeah, duh? You needed a study to realize that?" However, this feeling of knowing-it-all-along is actually a trick that our mind plays on us and is so common that psychologists have given a name to it, called hindsight bias.

Regardless of hindsight bias, a lot of findings in psychology fit in easily with what we know about the world. However, there is also a substantial amount of research with findings that contradict what one might guess originally.

A short but sweet article that was originally posted in 2014 for the British Psychological Society's Research Digest, but is making the rounds again today, highlights 10 of the top counter-intuitive psychology findings. It is a nice presentation of how frequently research can challenge our preconceived thoughts and make us think of the world in a different way.

It is also interesting to notice if you find yourself rationalizing in your head after you read the 10 counter-intuitive findings "Oh yeah that makes sense, I probably would have guessed that." The mind is a funny thing!

So next time someone tells you something, before responding with "Yeah I knew that," try to think for a second about how you would have known that in the first place. Admitting you do not know everything can be difficult (guilty!) but it is also important to recognize the limits of our knowledge.

Article link: https://digest.bps.org.uk/2014/12/01/10-of-the-most-counter-intuitive-psychology-findings-ever-published/

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