• Shawn Wilson, M.A.

End of a Chapter, Beginning of Another

Today is a pretty significant day for me as it is the last day of my pre-doctoral internship. This means that I have formally completed all of my requirements needed for my doctoral degree and all I need before I can put those three letters behind my name is an official letter from my school. It has been a long road, especially when I consider all the work I have done prior to even starting graduate school to prepare myself and yet I recognize how fortunate I am to have studied a topic that I am passionate about.

Indeed I am greatly looking forward to the rest of my career working in clinical psychology, what the day to day will look like is very much uncertain in the far future. In the near future, I shall be staying on, working as a postdoctoral fellow with the juvenile probation department here in Austin, TX.

Exciting times are ahead and I imagine there will be a number of changes that happen over the next two years as me and my partner choose a city to settle down in and I continue to slow march towards licensure.

There are also some changes afoot with the website. I will be changing the name of the blog due to some confusion with a similarly named website. From now on, the blog will be called Clinically Relevant Insights, which will include sections for both the posts that are part of the Series and News posts. The Series posts are blog posts that discuss research centered around a theme, with the first theme looking at mind-body connections. The News posts find news articles from different sources that talk about topics important to psychology and wellness. Still the same information presented as before, just a little more streamlined and located on one page.

In addition, I will be working on my first e-book soon and am excited to try something new with this process. The first e-book will be compiling the information I have written about regarding mind-body connections, as well as adding some Practice sections for the different chapters so that people can apply the research to their own lives and hopefully increase their well-being. I can say that I have been impacted by the research I have written about and have tried to make some small changes in my life that are hopefully for the better, including increasing my intake of fish oil and practicing more yoga.

As always comments and feedback are always appreciated, available through the Contact page. Thanks for reading and looking forward to bringing more great content in the future!


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