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Neuroscience Myths and the Importance of Critical Thinking: News Roundup

Some quick notes about two interesting articles posted on The British Psychological Society's Research Digest blog.

First up is an article that discusses how many people believe neuroscience myths, including people who have studied neuroscience. The article outlines some of the neuroscience myths that were examined including the 'right-brain, left-brain' myth, the 'we only use 10 percent of your brain' myth, the 'sugar high' myth, and the 'learning styles' myth. It is interesting to think about misconceptions we all might hold in our current fields and highlights the importance of staying educated on the latest research!

The second article discusses how IQ may get a lot of credit in research for being a good predictor of how well people will do in the future, but having critical thinking skills may actually be more important for making good decisions in life. Apparently, having good critical thinking skills was more related than IQ to people making good decisions that ranged from avoiding late fees for a movie rental to avoiding acquiring a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Interestingly, we apparently do not know yet how to improve someone's critical thinking skills; while it appears that critical thinking abilities improve from formal education, it is not quite clear why this happens. This will be a fascinating area of research in the years to come.

That's it for today! Hope you learned something new and enjoy your weekend!

Article links: https://digest.bps.org.uk/2017/07/20/oh-dear-even-people-with-neuroscience-training-believe-an-awful-lot-of-brain-myths/


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