• Shawn Wilson, Ph.D.

The Doctor is in the Building

This will be a short but sweet note. Last week something very exciting happened - after five years of work, I was finally conferred my doctoral degree! That means I officially have earned my Ph.D. and can now live up to the name of this website! It also means that I am one step closer to becoming an independently licensed psychologist.

My postdoctoral work is now over a month underway and it has been fun getting some new experiences including providing some training and supervision. This website is now approximately seven months old and I have been enjoying blogging about relevant news articles as well as writing about research on different topics. I am currently working on a post about the physical and mental effects of marijuana, which will be the ninth article in the series of Mind-Body Connections. Looking forward to finishing the series and the next steps after that!

Thanks as always for reading and I hope you continue to learn new things like I do researching for the posts. Like I said, this was a short post and I look forward to providing more exciting updates in the near future!


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