• Shawn Wilson

New Worksheets: Behavior Activation and Problem Solving

Two new worksheets have been added to the Free Worksheets page; one focused on how to use concepts from Behavior Activation and one focused on how to use Problem Solving strategies to overcome any personal challenges. Here are their descriptions:

1) Behavior Activation: Behavior activation is based on research that has shown people feel better after participating in activities. Using behavior activation, we can actually change our negative thoughts and emotions by first changing our behavior. Make sure to find a balance between activities that give a sense of pleasure/enjoyment, with activities that give a sense of mastery/accomplishment. Focusing on just one or the other can negatively affect our happiness and life satisfaction.

2) Problem Solving: When we are faced with a difficult problem, it is helpful to sit down and solve the problem step by step. This worksheet will help you come up with the best possible solution to whatever you are facing.

Feel free to check out the Free Worksheets page to download these worksheets, or any others, for your personal use. Hope you find the worksheets helpful!

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