Values Worksheet 5 – Cultural Values

Values Worksheet 5 Page 1
Values Worksheet 5 Page 2

We are greatly influenced by what we grow up around. This is not to say we always agree with the beliefs of those around us, but they impact us nonetheless. This free two-page worksheet has us examine different cultural groups that may have impacted our personal values.

Often when we think of culture, we are thinking about a country’s customs, traditions, beliefs, laws, etc. We imagine the different upbringings of people growing up in places like India, China, Mexico, Kenya, Germany, and the USA.

While ethnicity and countries form important pieces of one’s culture, culture can also include many other identities and groups.

Using some examples from the handout, there are huge cultural differences within different regions of the USA (and similarly other countries). Think about someone growing up on the East Coast versus in the South. Even within a city, growing up in Northside versus Southside Chicago can be very different.

Military culture is hugely unique and can also differ within the different branches of the military. The type of occupation you have may come with its own cultural expectations. Think about how different we imagine the lives of teachers, truck drivers, IT workers, electricians, physicians, and retail workers.

Religions have their own cultural values, whether a person grew up attending a church, mosque, synagogue, or temple. Even within a religion, such as Christianity, different sects will have different values.

These are but a few examples of groups that can expose us to different cultural values.

For this worksheet, think about what groups or identities have impacted you the most. This could be currently or while you were growing up.

Try to think about what values are most common or relevant to these groups. What do these groups tend to prioritize in terms of their beliefs and focus?

The worksheet then has you think about whether you agree or disagree with these values and how these different groups may have influenced your own set of values.

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