Values Worksheet 6 – Discovering Your Values

values worksheet 6

If it’s hard for you to figure out what exactly your top values are, you are not alone. We are often trying to prioritize so many different things all at once. However, by figuring out our priorities and values, we can make sure our lives are leading us to a path of happiness.

This free values worksheet asks many different reflective questions to help you think about your values and priorities in different ways. Some questions are based in the real world, whereas others have you imagine life as you would ideally like it.

The worksheet is three pages long, but if you don’t have time to answer all the questions, just answer a few that interest you. Try to be completely honest while answering the questions – no one is checking your answers here. Your answers to the questions may surprise you, so be open to whatever comes up!

By answering these questions, you can hopefully find themes in your answers. These themes will allow you to better figure out what’s important in your life.

Click the image above or the link below for access to the free downloadable pdf of the values worksheet.