Values Worksheet 7 – Values By Domain

There are lots of areas of our lives, including family, friends, work, our community, and more. While we may have broad, overreaching values that impact most areas of our lives, we can also have values that are specific to these life areas.

Values worksheet 7 helps us examine our values in these different domain areas. It’s possible your values are consistent across the different domains. However, it is also possible to prioritize different values in different areas. For example, someone can value being a person of authority at work, whereas they value collaboration in a romantic relationship. Another person may value organization and dedication with regard to their health, yet emphasize flexibility and spontaneity with friends.

After you’ve thought about how your values may differ by life domain, try ranking the domains in terms of their importance in your life. We can use this information to help compare whether or not we are spending our time and energy in a way that makes us happy.

For example, if leisure/recreation is one of the domains you think is most important, but you think you have been neglecting this area to prioritize work and time with friends, then you might feel down or burned out. Check in to make sure that what you want to prioritize and what you are actually prioritizing are fairly consistent. If they aren’t consistent, that could potentially be an area to change slightly depending on the circumstances.

Click on the image above or the link below for access to the free pdf of this values worksheet.